“The HDHM education I received in SHATEC has prepared me well for the hotel industry. The scope of the curriculum; and the practical training I received contributed greatly to my ability to rise through the ladder in the industry. In addition, the SHATEC Spark, a value rooted in excellence, equipped me with the attitude to succeed. It was upon this firm foundation which I built and succeeded in my career in hotel management.”

Arthur Kiong
Arthur KiongChief Executive, Far East Hospitality

The hospitality industry provides abundant opportunities. At the same time, it is a competitive industry. The HDHM programme by SHATEC prepared me well and I was ready to seize opportunities to showcase what I learnt, including taking on managerial responsibilities. And as I continue to grow in my career, my alma mater continues to be a part of it. Now, I am a mentor to young SHATEC students who aspire to succeed in the hospitality industry.”

Mr Pek Chin Siong
Mr Pek Chin Siong Vice President of Hotel Operations, Marina Bay Sands

“My brother and I have dreams about opening our own bistro someday. I felt that SHATEC was not only a reputable school but was a school that was capable of providing us with the necessary skills and knowledge to steer us onto that path. The teachers here have played a vital role and helped nurture us into young chefs and hoteliers.”

Brandon William White
Brandon William WhiteDiploma in Hotel Management

“If you’ve heard of the name SHATEC, you would know that there was where all the famous and successful chefs of today hail from. At SHATEC, the trainers have pushed me to go the distance and in the midst, I’ve learnt new strengths I never thought I possessed. I have the confidence to go forth from here to carving a niche out for myself in the hospitality industry.”

Karen Alexis Malaga Tan
Karen Alexis Malaga TanDiploma in Pastry and Baking

SHATEC has the kind of trainers who not only are able to impart critical skills and knowledge but have made lessons just as enjoyable at the same time. It has been a personal dream of mine to be able to set up my own café someday and run my own business. I have confidence that the culinary education here at SHATEC will help me realize the dream.

Akira Akaoka
Akira AkaokaDiploma in Culinary Skills

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