Feedback Mechanism / Dispute Resolution

SHATEC provides many avenues for convenient access to students for feedback and/or enquiries on school including:

  • Via email to
  • Via telephone at 6415 3523 / 526 / 560 / 556 / 529
  • Via submission of the Feedback and Enquiry Form at Student Administration, Level 3

SHATEC adopts a straightforward feedback system designed to acknowledge students’ views and, where necessary, resolve differences as fairly and expeditiously as possible.
Upon receipt of a request or complaint, Student Administration will provide an acknowledgement response within 7 working days. Depending on the nature of the issue, a formal resolution will be issued by SHATEC within 21 working days, failing which a written note will be sent to notify student on escalation of matter to an external party within 2 months.

Discussing with Course Tutor

At the onset, the student should attempt to resolve the grievance informally by discussing the issue with the Course Tutors.

Approaching Student Administration Department

Besides face-to-face consultation, students may contact Student Administration via email, helpline 6415 3523 or fill up an enquiry form provided at Student Administration Department to highlight their grievance.  Student Administration will direct the feedback to the head of departments (HODs) concerned and attempt to resolve the issue.

Student Administration will send a reply to the student to close the case if the latter is satisfied with the follow-up actions.

Escalation to Chief Executive

When the issue is highlighted to the Chief Executive (CE), CE, in consultation with HODs/senior management, will decide on an appropriate course of action.

An official reply approved by the CE will be sent by the Head, Student Administration, to the student on course of follow-up actions.

Escalation to an external body – Committee for Private Education (CPE) Student Services Centre

If the matter remains unresolved or the student is unsatisfied with the outcome, the student may approach the CPE Student Services Centre for assistance.

At the Student Services Centre, CPE staff will review the complaints and provide the appropriate advice. Depending on the type of complaints, a set of resolution procedures will be recommended by CPE.

The CPE will investigate into issues that are found to have contravened the Private Education (PE) Act and/or its Regulations and take appropriate actions where necessary. Depending on the nature of the grievance and provided that the student had exhausted the school’s internal grievance channels first, CPE may recommend the student to take up following course of action(s):

  1. the CPE Mediation-Arbitration Scheme; or
  2. the Small Claims Tribunals (SCT), for clear-cut fee refund issues of equivalent or less than S$20,000#; or
  3. their own legal counsel.

#For amounts that exceed the prescribed limit of SGD$20,000 but does not exceed SGD$30,000, the claim can still be convened in SCT with both parties’ consent in writing.

You may refer to the CPE Mediation-Arbitration Scheme brochure for more details on this Scheme.