Graduands Particulars Update and Registration

SHATEC Graduation Survey

All scheduled graduands are to update their particulars with the school no later than 28 October 2023. Graduands are also required to participate in the Graduation Survey.

The SHATEC Graduation Survey is administered annually to:

  • gather information on SHATEC graduates’ post-graduation interests and employment prospects after course completion
  • obtain graduates’ satisfaction level and feedback on school experience

This survey is strictly confidential and under no circumstances would the information contained herein be distributed or reproduced in any form without the written consent of the respondent subject to the obligation of SHATEC to disclose to any Singapore government authority any information relating to the respondent in compliance with the law and/or to the organisation conferring/awarding the qualification.

Your input is valuable in helping SHATEC develop a better picture of the employment landscape and in our continual improvement in product and service delivery to our students.

Graduands may update their particulars and complete the survey by clicking on the link below.

SHATEC Graduation 2023 - Graduand Particulars Update and Graduation Survey

Graduands Registration

All eligible graduands will be receiving their e-invitation and the information kit by November 2023. Upon receiving the e-invitation, graduands may proceed to register their attendance for the ceremony. Login details may be found within the information kit enclosed with the letter of invitation.