International Student Guide

With a total land area of 646 square kilometres and a population of 5 million, Singapore is a dynamic cosmopolitan city, rich in culture and heritage.

Here, you will find a diverse community of Chinese, Malay, Indian and other races, covering a wide spectrum of religions, cultures, and languages, living harmoniously together. This synergistic mix of ethnic groups offers international students a range of choices for living and playing in Singapore.

Singapore’s climate is warm and humid, with temperatures ranging from 23 to 33 degrees Celsius. Expect plenty of sunshine, with the occasional rain storm, especially during the year-end periods.

Despite its small size, the city-state has a burgeoning food scene ranging from hawker centres (open-air), food courts (air-conditioned), coffee shops (open-air with up to a dozen hawker stalls), cafes, fast food, simple kitchens, casual, celebrity and high-end restaurants.

Singapore is renowned for its low crime rate, political stability and high standards of living, and offers international students the ideal environment to gain a recognised educational qualification.

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International Student Guide


Hostels Nearby

Evo House
Tel: +65 6384 6108

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Relevant Singapore Laws

  1. ICA – Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore
  2. Ministry of Health
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. Housing – Housing and Development Board
  5. Singapore Police Force
  6. Singapore Narcotics Bureau
  7. National Environment Agency
  1. Land Transport Authority
  2. Committee for Private Education (CPE)
  3. Medical Insurance

Pre departure checklist

Students are reminded to bring along the following documents before you depart to Singapore:

  • Ensure your passport has a validity of at least 6 months
  • Ensure you have obtained a valid entry visa for Singapore (if required)
  • Ensure you have made necessary accommodation arrangements before coming to Singapore
  • Ensure all official documents, academic certificates and transcripts that are non-English are officially notarised and translated
  • Ensure you have prepared enough cash (Singapore currency) to pay for your initial living expenses, prior to the opening of a bank account
  • Student Pass In-Principle-Approval Letter from Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA), Singapore
  • Letter of Offer from SHATEC
  • 4 recent passport-sized photographs

Arrival checklist

  • Complete the Disembarkation / Embarkation Form at the Immigration Checkpoint of Singapore Changi Airport
  • Convert your cash into Singapore Currency at the currency exchange counters at Singapore Changi Airport, if you have not done so back in your home country
  • Get a Map of Singapore from information counters at Singapore Changi Airport
  • Move into your housing accommodation and make due diligence checks to prevent future disputes with the building management / landlord
  • Report to SHATEC to complete outstanding administrative matters, pay any outstanding programme or miscellaneous fees to the Finance Division of SHATEC (if applicable)
  • Undergo the mandatory medical examination arranged by SHATEC and collection of student’s pass
  • Attend SHATEC’ Matriculation Day and Orientation Day