Award-Winning Chef Cherish Finden Returns to Alma Mater to Inspire Future Pâtissiers

Cherish Finden Group Image 2Cherish Finden with SHATEC students from class DFP-05-23A/B, DFP-09-23A, and DFP-02-24A.

Singapore, 3 April 2024 – Imagine embarking on your journey armed with just one motto: “Believe in yourself and never give up.” This is exactly how Cherish Finden, who started her baking journey 38 years ago as a SHATEC student, went on to become the esteemed Executive Pastry Chef at London's Langham Hotel and a celebrity judge on Bake Off.

Today, Cherish's influence extends far beyond the kitchen. In her role as an International Pastry Consultant, she not only shares her vast knowledge and expertise but also elevates her clients' pastry creations to unprecedented levels. Through personalised guidance and mentorship, Cherish helps her clients unlock their full potential, creating captivating masterpieces that inspire audiences worldwide.

However, Cherish's journey to this position was not without challenges. Growing up as the youngest among her siblings in Singapore, she took on cooking responsibilities from the age of 8. Her resourcefulness and early exposure to culinary paved the way for her success. With modules like “Food and Beverage Budgeting” and “Fundamentals of Baking and Pastry” incorporated into the SHATEC International Diploma in Pastry and Baking Arts, students can gain an advantage in building a solid foundation within a shorter period. These modules provide a structured approach to grasping essential concepts such as baking techniques, financial management, and budgeting, enabling students to confidently navigate the pastry world.

Recently, Cherish made a triumphant return to Singapore, where she was honoured with the prestigious SG100 Foundation Overseas Singaporean Luminary Award by the SG100 Foundation. This award not only marked a milestone in her career but also underscored her unwavering commitment to excellence. The SG100 Foundation, founded in 2016, is a visionary force dedicated to sparking innovation and leadership in the next generation. Through transformative community programmes, it harnesses the wisdom of experienced individuals to inspire and mentor young Singaporeans, paving the way for a brighter tomorrow.

While in town, Cherish has returned to her alma mater with enthusiasm, eager to impart her knowledge and passion to the next generation of pastry enthusiasts. Her presence at SHATEC Orchard provided the students with a rare opportunity to learn from the master of the craft. Cherish not only shared her knowledge with the students but also instilled in them the importance of passion, creativity, and perseverance in pursuing their dreams. Alongside the support of SHATEC's experienced trainers, students can accelerate their career paths and pursue their dreams with confidence.

Mr Lim Boon Kwee, CEO of SHATEC, expressed his excitement about Cherish's return. He shared, “We are thrilled to welcome Cherish back to SHATEC, where her journey began. Her achievements shine brightly, inspiring our students to passionately chase after their dreams.”

Adding to the excitement, Mr Dennis Ng, the founder of SG100 Foundation and Kent Ridge Education, graciously provided 10 entry tickets to SHATEC students who were interested in attending their SG100 Foundation event. This opportunity allowed them to experience the excitement and be inspired to aspire to shine on stage like their seniors one day.

Cherish’s visit not only enriched the educational experience of students but also reinforced the importance of nurturing talent and giving back to the community. Her dedication to mentoring the next generation accentuates her belief in paying it forward and empowering others to achieve greatness in their chosen field.

For all aspiring pâtissiers, SHATEC invites you to learn more about the May 2024 intake of the International Diploma in Pastry and Baking Arts. Dare to dream and let your pastry journey begin.


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