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SHATEC Launches Satellite Campus at Orchard


The student lounge area aims to promote collaboration and networking opportunities amongst learners, while the see-through modern kitchen is fitted with the latest technology to enhance learner’s experience. 

Singapore, 22 January 2024 – SHATEC, the International Hotel and Tourism School (Singapore) launches its Orchard Campus at Singapore Tourism Court building on 15 January 2024. A pioneer in hospitality education, the cutting-edge hospitality and tourism satellite training facility called SHATEC Orchard located in the heart of Orchard Road sets to redefine hospitality and tourism which includes culinary education with its unparalleled facilities and innovative curriculum.

The new satellite campus is designed to provide learners with an immersive learning experience, combining theoretical knowledge with hands-on training that includes professional-class culinary facilities. From modern kitchens equipped with the latest technology to interactive classrooms for professional courses, SHATEC Orchard is committed to nurturing the next generation of hospitality, tourism and culinary leaders.

The curriculum is designed to be dynamic and industry-relevant, ensuring that learners are not only well-versed in conventional industry practices but also equipped to adapt to emerging trends.

Mr Lim Boon Kwee, CEO of SHATEC, highlighted that “SHATEC believes in providing a global perspective to our learners. Our diverse faculty and industry collaborations offer our learners a comprehensive understanding of the global hospitality and tourism landscape, making them relevant in all parts of the world.

Professional development courses for those who wish to upskill or those keen to join the industry and lifestyle courses for hobbyists are available in this campus. Learners who wish to pick up culinary skills as a hobby will have access to top-notch culinary labs, featuring the latest equipment and technologies.


Right: The inaugural masterclass at SHATEC Orchard campus welcomed its first batch of students, who were introduced to an immersive learning environment equipped with the latest technology.

SHATEC also takes pride in its team of experienced members who bring a wealth of industry knowledge to the classroom, guiding learners towards excellence. In close collaboration with the Singapore Hotel Association, SHATEC has also forged strategic partnerships with leading hotels in Singapore, offering learners unique opportunities for internships, apprenticeships, mentorship program, scholarships as well as job placements.

SHATEC is committed to fostering a sense of community within our campuses at SHATEC Orchard and SHATEC Bukit Batok, where our main campus is located.  Learners will have opportunities to engage in various events, workshops, and collaborate in projects to enhance their interpersonal and networking skills. The promise to providing cutting-edge facilities, coupled with a forward-thinking curriculum reflects the dedication to shaping the future leaders of the hospitality and tourism industry.

Please refer to our website here for Professional Development and Lifestyle Courses at SHATEC Orchard.


 SHATEC was set up in 1983 by the Singapore Hotel Association to equip Singapore’s hospitality industry with a skilled workforce. Since then, SHATEC has distinguished itself as arguably Singapore’s most recognised hospitality management school with many of its 40,000 strong alumni in more than 20 countries helming key positions in the hospitality and tourism industry.

It is a strong advocate of creative teaching methods. Lessons and programmes at SHATEC are further enhanced by exposing learners to experiential learning that is as close to a working environment as possible. Students also reap the benefit of interacting with local and international instructors and guest speakers who eagerly share a wealth of knowledge in their respective fields and impart important people-to-people skills gleaned from experience.

Besides nurturing young minds and talents, SHATEC is also a key player in preparing career switchers and mature workers to join the hospitality industry. As the industry school, it offers a myriad of programmes and workshops to upskill practitioners in the hospitality industry.

SHATEC’s newly launched SHATEC Orchard campus at Singapore Tourism Court has an exciting repertoire of professional and lifestyle programs.

Our Professional Series is thoughtfully designed to equip learners with the expertise and competencies to excel in your hospitality and/or food services industry careers, fostering a strong sense of confidence and competence.

For those with a passion for lifestyle learning, we offer a diverse range of courses, from the art of cooking and baking to the sophistication of wine appreciation and more, our Lifestyle Series provides you with the opportunity to turn those dreams into lifelong skills through Reimagined Authentic Learning.

Discover your REAL passion with SHATEC Orchard today!

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