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Whisking Up Fun: SHATEC and SAFRA Team Up for the First Parent-Child Baking Workshop Series

Melon Pans Workshop 2024

Left: Chef Cindy Low alongside parent-child participants, showcasing their well-earned certificates of completion.

Right: A young child and her mother created sweet memories in the kitchen.

Singapore, 21 March 2024 – A pinch of excitement, a dash of creativity, and a whole lot of family fun – that was what baking was at SHATEC Orchard and SAFRA's inaugural collaboration. Say goodbye to mundane school holidays and hello to an unforgettable bonding experience with the School Holidays Special: Parent-Child Bonding Workshop series.

The workshops promised a blend of learning and laughter, aimed at nurturing stronger family connections. Participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in an interactive baking workshop, choosing between crafting the delightful Melon Pan or mastering the art of Daifuku creation. As part of this collaboration, SAFRA members get to enjoy an exclusive discounts on the workshop fees.

The final workshop, held at the vibrant SAFRA Punggol last Sunday, witnessed an outpouring of enthusiasm as children and their parents eagerly rolled up their sleeves under the expert guidance of Chef Cindy Low. With just six parent-child pairs, this cosy setting provided the perfect environment for interactions and hands-on learning.

Throughout the workshop, young bakers were encouraged to unleash their creativity and explore the wonders of baking. From kneading and moulding dough to various turtle forms, participants not only ignited their imaginations but also enhanced cognitive skills and stimulated their senses.

At the end of the workshop, both the parents and the children were presented with a certificate of completion from the chef. But the rewards didn't end there. As families bid farewell to their fellow baking enthusiasts, they departed with more than just certificates; they carried with them a deeper connection, strengthened bonds, and a shared passion for the art of baking.

Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive, with families expressing gratitude for the opportunity to bond over shared experiences and discover new passions together. These bakes serve as reminders of the joyous moments shared and the bonds formed during the workshop.

"Chef Cindy’s expertise and teaching style made the entire experience not just interactive, but also incredibly easy to follow." - Alvin Chan, Workshop Participant

"The Melon Pan baking workshop was a fantastic bonding experience with my kid.” - Sharon Hu, Workshop Participant

Whether one aspire to master traditional Kuehs, craft the classic Chicken Floss Bread, or bake the iconic French Baguette, SHATEC Orchard offers a diverse range of lifestyle courses tailored to enhance family bonding through culinary exploration. Join SHATEC on this culinary adventure and discover the joys of family bonding.

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