The Sustainable Bar with Competition Finalist Jason Pang

Jason demonstrating his mocktail, Gummy Pears, presented at the Finals.
Filling the cocktail glass with his blended mocktail.
Topping the drink with sliced “ugly” pears as a garnish.
Jason’s intriguing colour-changing creation, Purple Rain, which uses Butterfly Pea sponsored by iLite.
Mixture of dried rose petals and thyme herbs for garnish, available ingredients from SHATEC’s production kitchens.
Caramelising a cinnamon stick to top the martini glass for Purple Rain.
Jason shaking the drink mixture with ice with flair, to make his beverage come to life.

In a world of mass production, the ephemeral pleasures offered by handcrafted pours from bartenders and cocktail artists has invited a more earth-friendly look at this versatile medium. Hospitality student Jason Pang (DHA-01-22A) explores the rise of sustainable mixology leading up to his spot in the Finals of the National Cocktail Competition 2022 – Student Category, organised by the Association of Bartenders and Sommeliers Singapore (ABSS).

Concocted through a lens of sustainability, Jason’s competition mocktail, Gummy Pear, topped with in-season fruit garnish was presented to the judges within the five-minute limit. He shares his competitive endeavours and drink recipe with SHATEC, including one of his drink recipes!

SHATEC: How did your interest in mixology begin? 

Jason Pang (JP): We learnt how to make a cocktail for our module on “Butler Service Delivery”, in the first trimester at SHATEC. Once the opportunity to join the competition presented itself, I did not hesitate!

SHATEC: With Sustainability quickly gaining momentum in the F&B scene, what do you think about mixology being a part of this movement?

JP: Mixology can potentially contribute to reduced environmental impact. “Ugly” ingredients can find a second life in a new recipe, for example, using rejected pear fruit as a garnish for my Gummy Pear mocktail.

Makers and shakers in the scene can look at fresh, local produce that is in season; excess or leftover ingredients; anything that is recycled; or otherwise destined for the bin.

SHATEC: How were you inspired for your mocktail recipes performed in the competition, especially in making them low-waste/sustainable?

JP: My idea behind my first recipe, Purple Rain, which got me into the Finals, is the use of butterfly pea flowers, found in our school garden. For an intriguing colour-changing effect, the mocktail’s purple hue is acquired from adding citrus to butterfly pea flower tea. For garnish, I combined existing ingredients from our production kitchens: cinnamon, dried rose petals, thyme.

The second recipe, Gummy Pear was created with an essence of that slight hawthorn sweet, hinting at nostalgia. The result is an enjoyable bubblegum taste. For garnish, I used pears deemed “ugly” or are likely thrown out because they lack the desired sweetness.

SHATEC: What should beginners take note of when preparing mocktails/cocktails?

JP: You would have to be precise when measuring the drink ingredients. Even a 5ml difference could end up "corrupting" or deviating from the actual taste profile.

Shaking up your liquids would also tend to dilute the drink, so it is not recommended to do it for too long, unless required.

SHATEC: What are your thoughts or takeaways, post-competition?

JP: When things do not go according to plan, take what you do have and try not to compromise on quality. Keeping calm is most important while you’re in competition. My thoughts at the time were: “You’re already doing it, just keep going!”

SHATEC: From what you’ve learnt, what does it take to be a great bartender/mixologist?

JP: You need to have keen tastebuds to establish the different flavour profiles and tasting notes for the beverages. Have great knowledge of ingredients. Your cheerfulness can also help turn the bar into a cool hangout spot for customers – the execution of a good cocktail is delivered from one’s hands, head and heart.


By Jason Pang,
WSQ Diploma in Hotel and Accommodation Services


  • 25ml White Sangria Fruit Juice Blend (Finest Call)
  • 25ml Sour Apple Martini Mix (Finest Call)
  • 20ml Pear Puree (Le Fruit De Monin Williams Pear)
  • 20ml Orange Puree (Le Fruit De Monin Orange)
  • 10ml Cinnamon Syrup (Monin)
  • Ice cubes
  • Garnish: Sliced “ugly” pears on a cocktail pick 

Method: In a blender, measure and combine all liquids. Add with one-and-a-half scoops of ice and blend until smooth. Pour the mixture into a cocktail glass and garnish with fanned-out sliced pears on a cocktail pick, sharp tip facing away from the guest when served.