Fee Protection Scheme

The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) is applicable to Singaporean students as well as international students and serves to protect students’ fees in the event that a private education institution is unable to continue operating due to insolvency, and/or regulatory closure. The Fee Protection Scheme also protects students if the private education institution fails to pay penalties or return fees to the students arising from judgment made against it by the Singapore courts.

EduTrust – certified private education institutions are required to adopt the Fee Protection Scheme to provide full protection to all fees paid by their students. All fees refer to all monies paid by the students to be enrolled in a private education institution, excluding the course application fee, agent commission fee (if applicable), miscellaneous fees (non-compulsory and non-standard fee paid only when necessary or where applicable, for example, the referral exam fee or charges for credit card payment etc,) and GST.

SHATEC adopts the FPS Individual Insurance. Our service provider is Lonpac Insurance Bhd.

The actual premium amount to be paid for both international and local students will be calculated from the day the first instalment payment is made by the student.

SHATEC is granted waiver from the Fee Protection Schemeby CPE for students with at least 70% government funding on the total course fees before GST in Schedule B of the SHATEC Student contract for the following courses, as long as

  • the fee collection cap on nett fees paid by students is observed;
  • GST is the only other compulsory fee charged; and
  • the list and records of students are kept

This is applicable to the following:

  • WSQ Diploma In Hotel And Accommodation Services
  • WSQ Diploma in Food Services (Culinary Arts)
  • WSQ Diploma in Food Services (Pastry and Baking)
  • WSQ Higher Certificate In Hotel And Accommodation Services
  • WSQ Higher Certificate in Food Services (Culinary Arts)
  • WSQ Higher Certificate in Food Services (Pastry And Baking)

Singaporean/Singapore PR students who enroll for the abovementioned programmes under SSG funding will not be included in the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS).


Master Certificate – SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd

Master Policy No.: Z/20/BM00/00892
Period of Insurance: 13 December 2020 to 12 December 2021

For more information, please visit www.cpe.gov.sg