From Classroom to Recognition: SHATEC Student Shines At The Young Talents Escoffier Competition

Left: Mr Emmanuel Stroobant sharing his feedback on the dishes alongside Liu Chun Wei and Chef Cindy Low.
Right: Liu Chun Wei achieved the 2nd runner-up position, alongside Chef Emmanuel Stroobant (Head Judge) and Chef Daniele Sperindio (Judge).

Singapore, 13 May 2024 – The culinary world is abuzz with excitement as the highly anticipated Young Talents Escoffier competition returns to the Singapore Expo on 23 April 2024. Organised by the prestigious Disciples Escoffier International (DEI) Association, this annual event has been a beacon of talent and innovation since 2003.

The Young Talents Escoffier competition is not merely a contest; it's a culinary showdown that brings together individuals under 25 to showcase their culinary skills and vie for recognition from esteemed international judges. Recognisable figures in the culinary world, such as Emmanuel Stroobant, Daniele Sperindio, and Lewis Barker, graced the event. Participants represent a diverse range of educational institutions, including local polytechnics, ITE, and private institutions, highlighting the competition's inclusive nature and commitment to nurturing culinary talents across Singapore.

Liu Chun Wei, a rising star from SHATEC, secured the 2nd runner-up position in the culinary category, emphasising the importance of understanding a dish's essence before its preparation. He highlighted, “Preparing food goes beyond simply pleasing palates; it's about mastering the fundamental skills with an exploratory mindset for every dish.”

Integral to his success in mastering these fundamental skills is the guidance of his mentor, Chef Cindy Low. Amidst the intensifying heat of the competition, stress permeated the kitchen ambiance. Yet, Chef Cindy’s presence not only assured Chun Wei’s frayed nerves but also ensured his unwavering focus.

Drawing from her wealth of experience working in hotels, Chef Cindy not only imparted her culinary expertise to Chun Wei but also instilled within him an indomitable spirit and unwavering passion for the competition. "Through this competition, Chun Wei had the opportunity to delve into the art of butchery with beer, a skill he had not previously explored. Understanding the intricacies of meat butchery is no mean feat, but I’m proud that Chun Wei has delivered it well," Chef Cindy recounted with pride.

Yet, Chun Wei’s journey doesn't begin and end in the competition arena. For him, it found its roots in SHATEC, an institution that not only provided him with a stage to showcase his talents but also furnished him with invaluable resources and mentorship. At SHATEC, students are empowered to transcend classroom learning, applying their skills and concepts to real-world culinary challenges.

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