Joey Ang – Management Trainee at Sofitel Singapore City Centre

Joey’s story is inspirational and motivational because it is one that students with limited financial resources to pursue their dreams can relate to. A confident young lady now en-route to realising her capabilities in the hospitality industry, Joey’s journey is about celebrating the challenges and ways she overcame uncertainties and events in her life that kept her from embracing her amazing qualities and talent.

Her story is a daily reminder that help is always available if we choose to seek it with enough gumption to achieve our goals. The Tan Chay Bing Education Fund reflects a steadfast commitment towards education to ensure support is readily available for students like Joey to realise their dreams.

Beyond Challenges

Joey pictured in her days at school

Joey grew up in a middle income family as an only child, her mother holds a full time job and her father runs his own business which had seen more lows than highs. Hence, finances are often tight. Yet that did not deter Joey, for it was during tough times that she fully understood the grit, persistence and perseverance she had in her.

As a secondary school student Joey faced doubts as she struggled to fit in socially with her peers. The daily issues she faced in school cast fears about who she was and her future. She was not as academically inclined as her peers and that was something she grappled with. She started to wonder what path she could take on.

Determined to make something of herself to help her parents, Joey was faced with a choice when she received her N-Level results. She can choose between entering a government vocational institution or the renowned hospitality institution SHATEC. Both options had their advantages: while the government school was more affordable, Joey longed to become part of a community where her interests can be affirmed, after having felt isolated all through her teenage years. She firmly believed that a conducive environment with great mentors could propel her to greater heights. So she sought to learn more about SHATEC’s offerings. She saw that SHATEC provided plenty of development opportunities and outreach programmes where students could explore and come into their own, through strong partnerships with top hotel brands such as the Accor Group, the Singapore Hotel Assoication (SHA) and many more. Having always been a rather introverted girl, Joey wanted to challenge herself to try new things. So she did.

Joey receiving a certificate from Ms Margarent Heng during the Tan Chay Bing Scholarship Tea Reception back in 2016

Her parents were supportive of their daughter’s decision and even sought to take out a bank loan so that she could pursue her interest. Sadly, that was not to be as their combined income did not meet eligibility criteria for the loan. Through the help of the  Tan Chay Bing Education Fund, Joey secured a scholarship for her programme of choice and today she has her Diploma in Hotel Management to show for it. Joey  thrived in her programme and achieved a 3.2 GPA. She shares that “I really enjoyed my course since I loved what I was learning and how it was taught, I have always wanted to be in the hospitality industry. I must thank my SHATEC lecturers Ms Melissa Padilla and Ms. Pei Sin Yee for their guidance and support throughout. They were more than just lecturers, they rallied for me when I found it hard to cope with my assignments.” Currently, Joey is with the New Generation Leader (NGL) programme, a staff development scheme by the Accor Group. The selected participants go through a series of trainings and personalised coaching with their superiors and industry mentors. The trainings expose Joey to various departments within the hotel and therefore provides a holistic learning and training experience.

Joey’s superior Mr. Fandi, shares that,” Joey is a future leader who communicates well, has the right attitude and is a team player. That is why we nominated her to be part of the NGL programme with the Accor Group.” 

Joey’s Keys to Success

By investing in her present, the TCB Education Fund has realised her future potential. Joey believes that SHATEC provided her with a platform where she was able to express her individuality and fulfil her purpose. Her passion was nurtured and encouraged by caring and dedicated SHATEC lecturers, her potential now being recognised and developed by her mentors at the Accor Group.

Joey’s hard-won achievements drive home the message that anything is possible with the right mindset, guidance and support.

We wish Joey all the very best in her endeavours, where there will certainly be more to come!