This 3-day course equips the participants with necessary knowledge and competency about Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). Participants will also be able to know how to keep the Personal Data safe by fulfilling the 10 obligations required under the Act and develop effective work systems in compliance with the PDPA.

Who Should Attend

Staff of any organization that handle personal data, especially middle to senior management.

Course Structure



[Home-Based Learning (Synchronous E-Learning)]

* Home-Based Learning (Synchronous E-Learning) Requirements:


For Home-Based Learning, please note the following learner’s requirements will apply to all participants in compliance with guidelines stipulated by SSG:

  1. Participants must be equipped with a desktop computer/laptop, a functioning webcam and microphone as well as internet connectivity, in order to attend the online lesson (No sharing of desktop/laptop will be allowed).
  2. For the entire duration when the lesson session is ongoing, the participant’s face must be visible and his/her voice must be audible to the trainer.  

Please note the following hardware requirements for Home-Based Learning:

  1. PC or Laptop (Minimum: Windows Vista 7 and higher OR macOS X 10.6)
  2. Supported web browser (Google Chrome)
  3. A stable internet connection 
  4. A webcam either built-in in your laptop or external USB camera; the camera has to be turned on for the duration of the class
  5. A microphone – built-in or USB plug-in


Written assessment & case studies (role-play)


Upon successful completion of the programme, participants will receive a SHATEC Certificate of Achievement.

Course Outline

1.  Introduction to the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA)

    • Overview of the data    protection framework 
    • Technical terminology- Personal Data, Business Contact Information (BCI), Individual and Organisations, Data Intermediary, processing, collection, use and disclosure and reasonable 
    • Role and powers of the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC)
    • Exclusions 
    • Legal penalties and Consequences

2. The 10 obligations

    • Consent
    • Purpose Limitation 
    • Notification 
    • Access and Correction
    • Accuracy 
    • Protection 
    • Retention Limitation
    • Transfer Limitation 
    • Accountability
    • Data Breach Notification

3. The Do Not Call (DNC) Registry

    • Establishment of the Registry 
    • The registers that are maintained by the Registry 
    • Obligations of organizations relating to the sending of marketing messages
    • Exceptions to the above obligations

4. Organisational Compliance Requirements

    • Appointment of Data Protection Officer (DPO)     
    • Scope and functions of DPO
    • Corporate governance
    • Awareness of the PDPA amongst management and employees
    • Training and communications
    • Managing data breaches

5. Dispute Resolution process and Data Inventory Map                                      

    • Concept of mediation
    • Managing complaints 
    • Remedies and corrective Actions
    • Creation of an organisational 
    • Data Inventory Map (DIM)  
    • Pre-emption of non-compliance with the PDPA

Course Fees

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S$ 480.00

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S$ 33.60

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S$ 513.60

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