OnlyEg Presents Plant-Based Egg and Alternative Protein

Culinary students from May 2022 intake were introduced to the exciting possibilities and benefits of plant-based egg substitute products.
Mr Kelvin Ng (pictured left) is Executive Vice President of Float Foods, a Singapore-based food tech startup which developed the alternative egg, OnlyEg.
Chef Martin, a SHATEC alumnus and part of the OnlyEg team, showcased a sumptuous four-dish spread in his demo.
OnlyEg Tamago Salad (Appetiser)
OnlyEg Meltz (Sandwich)
OnlyEg Potato Layers (Mains)
OnlyEg Omelette Wrap (Dessert)

On 29 March 2023, culinary diploma trainees (from DFC-05-22A, DFC-05-22B, DFC-05-22C) attended an eye-opening demo centering the versatility of plant-based egg brand, OnlyEg®. Led by egg substitute specialist and Executive Vice President of Float Foods, Mr Kelvin Ng, shared their company’s commitment to sustainability through plant-forward food. The goodness of OnlyEg was further elaborated by Chef Martin (a SHATEC alumnus), who prepared an appetiser, main course, tea/breakfast sandwich and dessert* for trainees to taste.

Kelvin also quizzed trainees to aid their learning, like how many grams of protein there are in a single chicken egg (6 grams, a trainee answered correctly!) In comparison, the cooked, ready-to-eat OnlyEg offers 8 to 12 grams of plant-based protein per 100gm!

The sustainable egg substitute products are derived from legumes have further benefits: With over 77 per cent less saturated fats compared to chicken eggs, they are zero cholesterol, using no artificial preservatives, colourings, or flavourings. Their unopened shelf life is one year. 

Their products have also received market recognition. Float Foods was awarded “Best Health or Wellness Food” at the World Food Innovation Awards 2022 for its plant-based OnlyEg White formulation, beating out competitors including ALDI and Heura; as well as OnlyEg XL Omelette Wrap, which came out on top for “Best Plant-based Functional Product” at the World Plant Based Awards 2022.

*One of Chef Martin's dishes will be featured on The Sapling’s 2023 Mother's Day menu!

About Float Foods

Singapore’s foodtech startup enterprise Float Foods is known for its innovative plant-based egg substitute OnlyEg®, which includes two legume-based egg yolk and egg white alternatives.

OnlyEg® is developed with proprietary technology created by Float Foods’ in-house R&D team, and has received official Halal certification. In September 2022, Float Foods became the first manufacturer to launch a commercially available plant-based egg Tamagoyaki (Japanese-style omelette) in Asia.

Float Foods build their products around the philosophy of using plants to help consumers eat clean, naturally sourced, nutrient-dense substitutes that are beneficial for their health and wellbeing.