Programme Objective

The Industry Mentorship Programme @SHATEC is designed for students to receive expert advice, guidance and gain insights to business practices from practitioners in the hospitality industry. The aim of Industry Mentorship @ SHATEC is to:

  • provide career guidance, support and encouragement to students.
  • enable students to network with industry professionals.
  • offer students first hand insight into work practices in the hospitality industry.
  • assist students to develop a vision for the future.
  • increase students’ employability skills and commercial awareness.

There are a total of five Mentorship Panels comprising industry experts and key leaders supporting the Industry Mentorship Programme @SHATEC. SHATEC serves as the Secretariat and manages the administration of the programme as guided by the co-Chairpersons:


Wee Wei Ling
Board Director, SHATEC
Executive Director (Asset & Lifestyle), Pan Pacific Hotels Group Limited

Diana Ee-Tan
Board Director, SHATEC
Independent Director, Far East Orchard Limited
Chairman, Mt Faber Leisure Group

Programme Outline


Students who are enrolled in the programme will be matched with a mentor whose background and experience best align with the students’ study interests and career goals.

The focus of the Programme is mainly centred on career mentoring, based on one-on-one mentoring approach which provides SHATEC students with the opportunity to learn directly from an experienced mentor. This is in line with the school’s strategy to help students link with industry and prepare them for work and life after graduation.


The programme is implemented over twelve months, spreading over 6 months of institutional training, and 6 months during a students’ industrial attachment.

Mentor and mentee must commit to a minimum of 12 hours of face-to-face contact during the span of the programme.

Mode of Contact

  • Meetings at the mentor’s office;
  • Through telephone conversation; and
  • Through email communication.


Mentoring activities may include (but not limited to) the following:

  • Discussion of workplace/employment-related issues
  • Attendance at workplace or professional association meetings
  • Professional networking
  • Obtaining assistance with the development of an appropriate resume and effective interview skills
Role of Mentors

Mentors will act as a coach, guide, motivator, advisor and role model to his/her mentee(s). Mentors usually have at least five years’ professional experience in the industry and they need to be good listeners who enjoy sharing their expertise with emerging professionals.

Mentors are expected to commit time to a minimum of 12 hours over a twelve-month period and attend sessions organized by the Secretariat throughout the programme.

Mentorship is not a job placement program and students would be informed that that it is neither appropriate nor acceptable for them to solicit job opportunities from their mentors.

A mentor may opt out of the programme by giving SHATEC notice of his/her intention at least one month ahead. In the event that there is a mismatch between mentor and mentee, a mentor shall keep SHATEC informed and an intervention programme will be put in place to ensure the desired outcomes of the programme are achieved.

Please find the list of active mentors here.

Role of Mentees

Mentees are expected to commit time and attention to the programme. A high level of self-initiative is expected of mentees in maintaining a professional mentor-mentee relationship including making the first contact with mentors, meeting the mentors at their work places and submitted their progress reports on time.

Mentees shall take responsibility for their won growth and development by keeping an open mind, learning from feedback, sharing aspirations and communicating effectively.

Mentees are to respect Mentors time by demonstrating pro-activeness and being prepared for all meetings. Mentors must remain committed throughout the mentoring process and meet the requirements of the programme in entirety.

Mentoring Organisation


The Mentoring Organization will form the 2ndbuilding block to the existing Industry Mentorship Programme @ SHATEC. Mentoring organizations are identified to leverage on synergized efforts of mentors within the same establishment to become forefront champions of mentorship practices within the hospitality and tourism industry.


Mentoring organizations will be recognized based on the following qualifying criteria:

  • The establishment must have at least 3 mentors who are already on the Industry Mentorship Programmme @ SHATEC (IMPS).
  • The General Manager, who is also one of the mentors on the IMPS is committed to serve in the capacity of lead mentor within the establishment.
  • The establishment is recommended by Co-Chairpersons and/or Secretariat of IMPS for any other best practices in mentorship.


Mentoring organizations must be committed to and share common goals with IMPS in providing career guidance and support to help SHATEC students gain good head start in their careers, as a sustainable strategy towards talent development and retention within the hospitality industry.

Within each mentoring organization, the General Manager in the role as lead mentor will work hand in hand with the Secretariat of IMPS in fulfilling the following mentoring objectives:

  • Ensure that at any one time, there are at least 3 active mentors on the IMPS.
  • Support other mentors within the organization in fulfillment of their roles.
  • Active involvement in all IMPS programmes .

Existing Mentoring Organisations

  • InterContinental Singapore
  • Pan Pacific Singapore
  • Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
  • Amara Hotel, Singapore
  • Conrad Centennial, Singapore

To join us as a Mentor or Mentee, please contact us at:

Industry Mentorship Programme @ SHATEC
21 Bukit Batok Street 22
Singapore 659589

Tel: (65) 6415 3551

Fax: (65) 6415 3530


Hear from Our Mentors & Mentees!

Mr Andrew Ing

“One should keep getting a mentor in life. The mentor may be a different person based on your objective, current situation and age. It is a standing board for the sharing of experiences”

Mr Andrew IngChief Operation Officer, Lo and Behold Group
Wilson Tan Kit Lee

“I have learnt more about the importance of having a good working attitude and to be able to lead, especially the necessary responsibilities of being a leader.”

Wilson Tan Kit Lee(DHM 0415U)
Mr Darren Ware

“Kevin has been open to learning and understood the impact of soft skills. The key things to bring along through this mentorship include questions on how to deal with certain issues from an EQ point of view.”

Mr Darren WareGeneral Manager, Carlton City Hotel Singapore
Kevin Robert Fernandes

“I think this programme is a wonderful platform for every willing individual who has a passion for the industry. This will be the first step to a bright future.”

Kevin Robert Fernandes(AHA 0914 A)
Mr Gino Tan

“I mentor the student(s), train and coach them from Day 1 as they start their working life with us. Stephen has a positive and can-do attitude and is always willing to learn.”

Mr Gino TanGeneral Manager, Pan Pacific Singapore
Teo Wei Song Stephen

“I feel that I have been given a chance to explore different options and doors have been opened to me.”


Teo Wei Song Stephen(AHA 0914 A)