Caramelised Ourin apple with almond walnut crumble, yuzu granita and honey Armagnac sauce by Jewell Dalina Lim

Jewell Dalina Lim

We sat down with SHATEC student Jewell Dalina Lim, Diploma in Pastry & Baking to hear about her experiences training in edible art. She tells us about the sweet triumphs and challenges that go into plating desserts as part of the SHATEC curriculum and more.

Q: What have you learnt at SHATEC that you feel is most significant?

Speed and efficiency, be it working individually or in teams. My recent exam included finishing an entremets, a plated dessert and a bread all within five hours.
I learnt to push past my boundaries to do something that I was proud of and would meet my standards in a short amount of time.

Skills we have learnt like planning our workflows, applying Mise En Place properly, and staying calm in times of stress are important when things go awry in the kitchen.

Q: What was your best dish you have since made at SHATEC?

I just completed a plated dessert for my exam: a caramelised apple with a walnut almond crumble, yuzu granita and honey Armagnac sauce. I experimented with three types of apples and three kinds of peaches until I finally found the one apple in which its flavour showed through the caramelisation. All the hard work it took to create a dish people looked forward to eating makes me proud.

Q: What continues to excite you about the art of pastry or service?

I am very inclined in the arts, and I was inspired to look at pastry as a medium to do edible art and sculptures. I look forward to expressing freedom in creativity while creating different desserts each time. It’s not just the appearance of things, but also in how the flavours combine. Being able to delight people who consume my desserts excites me a lot.

Q: What do you see for yourself in the line of pastry?

I want to be a chocolatier. I entered SHATEC keen on learning about chocolate as a medium. When I first discovered chocolate, I was really intrigued. It’s very colourful, especially with cocoa butter. You can temper it, sculpt it, make it anything you want it to be. There are also different types of chocolates with different flavour notes. After that, I discovered petit-gateaux and I wanted to create them in my style.

After SHATEC, I’ll work in the industry, join some competitions and get more experience before setting up my own shop. What’s most important for me is being able to build up my skills especially in the industry concerning chocolate.

Learn more about our WSQ Diploma in Food Services (Pastry and Baking) course here, and be on your way to making beautiful creations like Jewell!