The Hotel Job Redesign Initiative (HJRI) was launched on 31 May 2019, providing employers in the hotel sector a number of tools to redesign jobs around manpower-lean models. The HJRI aims to provide resources for hotel-sector employers to move their employees away from time-consuming and repetitive tasks, equip them with new skills, and expose them to higher value-added jobs as part of their career development.

As an approved consultant for the HJRI, SHATEC provides the following consultancy and advisory services to hotels, F&B establishments and other industry partners:

  • Business process redesign
  • Product and menu (or services) development and design
  • Process optimization and technology adoption
  • Service Standards Audit
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Setting up a F&B Outlet
  • Hotel or outlet management and operations (including formulation of Standard Operating Procedures)

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