Financial Literacy for Chefs and F&B Executives


In any restaurant or food service operation, both front-of-house and back-of-house functions need to work seamlessly to accommodate the fast-paced environment and ever-changing needs of its patrons. Developing skills in hospitality accounting and evaluating the financial health of a restaurant is invaluable for timely decision-making, effective administrative actions, and maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.

In this workshop, examples and illustrations are contextualised to kitchen and food service operations, so you will gain further insight and relevancy in getting the “books” right!

Who should attend?

This workshop is specially tailored for chefs and F&B executives who have little to no background in the areas of accounting and finance.

Benefits of Workshop

After completing the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand and read essential financial statements common in hospitality establishments
  • Perform operating performance analysis
  • Prepare budgets and conduct budget analysis

Workshop Format

This workshop takes a problem-based approach to learning, and we build each topic around realistic case studies and scenarios. The facili­tator leads the discussions and is available to answer any questions about the workshop content during the session. All attendees are encouraged to be participative, share and interact with fellow participants during the session.

Workshop Structure

Course Duration & Structure

Kindly refer to the CET Programme Calendar or contact our friendly course consultants for more information.


Upon successful completion of the programme with a minimum attendance of 75%, participants will receive a Certificate of Participation by SHATEC.

Workshop Topics
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Basic Accounting Concepts and Principles
  • Preparation of Income Statements
  • Preparation of Balance Sheets
  • Uniform Systems of Accounts for Hospitality Industry
  • Analysis and interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Identifying Costs in Kitchen and FoodService Operations
  • Contribution Margin Analysis
  • Introduction to Budgeting
  • Prepare Operating Budgets for Kitchen and Food Service Operations
Workshop Fees
Company Sponsored Singaporeans and Singapore PRs Self-Sponsored Singaporeans, Singapore PRs and All Foreigners
Full Course Fee (Before GST) $500.00 $500.00
7% GST on Full Course Fee $35.00 $35.00
Full Course Fee, incl. GST $535.00 $535.00
e2i funding support for Singaporean and Singapore PR PMEs sponsored by companies* $210.00 N.A.
Total Nett Course Fee Payable after e2i funding support, incl. GST* $325.00 N.A.

*Singaporean and Singapore PR PMEs sponsored by companies will be eligible for e2i funding support. Funding is valid until 31 December 2018. e2i funding support is subjected to e2i’s prevailing corporate policies and final approval.

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